Dong-Ho Lee

Research Programmer
Information Science Institute (ISI)
University of Southern California
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Last Updated: 17 Feb 2021

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer-supported learning


University of Southern California
Master of Science in Computer Science
Aug 2018 – May 2020
Advisor: Dr. Xiang Ren

Sungkyunkwan University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Education
Mar 2012 – Feb 2018

The University of Sheffield
Exchange Student, Computer science
Sep 2016 – Feb 2017



RiddleSense: Answering Riddle Questions as Commonsense
Bill Yuchen Lin, Ziyi Wu, Yichi Yang, Dong-Ho Lee, X. Ren
Arxiv [link]

ForecastQA: A Question Answering Challenge for Event Forecasting
Woojeong Jin, Suji Kim, Rahul Khanna, Dong-Ho Lee, F. Morstatter, A. Galstyan, X. Ren
Arxiv [link]

Research Papers in Conference Proceedings

Pre-training Text-to-Text Transformers for Concept-Centric Common Sense
Wangchunshu Zhou*, Dong-Ho Lee*, Ravi kiran Selvam, S. Lee, Bill Y. Lin, X. Ren
in Proc of ICLR 2021 [link]

TriggerNER: Label-Efficient Learning for Named Entity Recognition via Annotating Entity Triggers
Bill Yuchen Lin*, Dong-Ho Lee*, M. Shen, R. Moreno, X. Huang, P. Shiralkar, X. Ren
in Proc of ACL 2020 [link] [Project]

LEAN-LIFE: A Label-Efficient Annotation Framework Towards Learning from Explanation
Dong-Ho Lee*, Rahul Khanna*, Bill Y. Lin, J. Chen, S. Lee, Q. Ye, E. Boschee, L. Neves, X. Ren
in Proc of ACL 2020 Demo Track [link] [Project]

AlpacaTag: An Active Learning-based Crowd Annotation Framework for Sequence Tagging
Bill Yuchen Lin*, Dong-Ho Lee*, Frank F. Xu, Ouyu Lan, Xiang Ren
in Proc of ACL 2019 Demo Track [link] [Github]


Fake news detection using deep learning
Dong-Ho Lee, J.H Lee, Y.R Kim, H.J Kim, S.M Park, Y.J Yang, W.B Shin
Journal of Information Processing System (JIPS) [link]

Awards and Scholarships

Academic Scholarship,  Sungkyunkwan University (Fall 2016)


Fake news filtering App, Android mobile application

  • ML serving framework.
  • Production-level implementation of proposed model.


Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Sungkyunkwan University, Winter & Spring 2016

  • GEDT014-12: Computational Thinking and Software Coding
  • Instructor: Oakyoung Han, Ph.D., Jungin Kown, Ph.D
  • Instructors gave a lecture for the theory of computational thinking and software coding and I gave a lecture for python practice.

Teaching Internship, Sunrin Internet high school, May 2017

  • Java programming
  • Instructor: Eun-Ji Kim, Teacher in high school
  • Taught JAVA to students who showed promising talent in IT.
  • Received K-12 teaching license.


Computer science teacher, Sangmoon high school, June 2017 to Nov 2017

  • Organized course curriculum and taught a computer science class for one semester.

Work Experience

Sergeant, Republic of Korea Air Force, Aug 2013 to Aug 2015

  • 1st MCRC, OSAN Air Base
  • Led a team at the Master Control and Reporting Center (MCRC) at Osan Air Base.
  • Team managed radars and consoles that monitored possible activities from North Korean aircraft and ballistic missiles.


Software Skills

C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, Android(NDK)
Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet
Scrapy, Heritrix, Nutch
MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached
webserver configuration (Apache, Nginx, Openlitespeed)