Dongho Lee

Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
Viterbi School of Engineering
University of Southern California
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Last Updated: 3 Apr 2020

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer-supported learning



University of Southern California

M.S candidate in Computer Science,
Fall 2018 – Fall 2020 (exp.)
Advisor : Dr. Xiang Ren


Sungkyunkwan University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Education,
Spring 2012 – Spring 2018
Total GPA of 4.1 / 4.5 (95.20 / 100) ,
Major GPA of  4.26 / 4.5


The University of Sheffield

Computer science
Exchange Student, Fall 2016 – Spring 2017
Total GPA of 4.42 / 4.5


[International Conference]

TriggerNER: Label-Efficient Learning for Named Entity Recognition via Annotating Entity Triggers
Dong-Ho Lee*, Bill Yuchen Lin*, Ming Shen, Xiao Huang, Ryan Moreno, Prashant Shiralkar, Xiang Ren
in Proc of ACL 2020 (To appear)

LEAN-LIFE: A Label-Efficient Annotation Framework Towards Learning from Annotator Explanation
Dong-Ho Lee*, Rahul Khanna*, Bill Yuchen Lin, Seyeon Lee, Qinyuan Ye, Elizabeth Boschee, Leonardo Neves, Xiang Ren
in Proc of ACL 2020 Demo Track (To appear)

AlpacaTag: An Active Learning-based Crowd Annotation Framework for Sequence Tagging
Dong-Ho Lee*, Bill Yuchen Lin*, Frank F. Xu, Ouyu Lan, Xiang Ren
in Proc of ACL 2019 Demo Track [link]

[International Journal]

Fake news detection using deep learning
Dong-Ho Lee, J.H Lee, Y.R Kim, H.J Kim, S.M Park, Y.J Yang, W.B Shin
Journal of Information Processing System (JIPS) [link]

[Domestic Conference – Korea]

Fake news detection using deep learning
Dong-Ho Lee, J.H Lee, Y.R Kim, H.J Kim, S.M Park, Y.J Yang, W.B Shin
Proceedings of the 2018 Spring Korea Information Processing Society Conference [link]
Best Paper Award 

Comparison of performance between MariaDB and PostgreSQL in terms of CPU overhead
Dong-Ho Lee, Min-Chang Song, Young-Tae Cho, Seung-Won Kim
Proceedings of the 2018 Spring Korea Information Processing Society Conference [link]

Improving accuracy of SNS-based Disaster Notification System using Morphological Analysis and Artificial Neural Network
Dong-Ho Lee, Suk-Min Kang, Soo-Hyun Kim, Sung-Jae Jo, Chan-Hyuk Park
Proceedings of the 2017 Fall Korea Information Processing Society Conference [link]

Awards and Scholarships

Academic Scholarship,  Sungkyunkwan University (Fall 2016)
Top Prize in Competition, korea Society for Security Ethics (2017)

      • Presented an android mobile application ‘Togethering’ which is for communication in the department


Excellence Award in competition, korea Society for Security Ethics (2017)

      • Presented a research on ‘SNS-based disaster notification system’
      • predicting disaster using Twitter and multi-layer neural network

Encouragement Award in conference,
korea Society for Internet Information (2017)

      • Presented a research on ‘Influence of applying ARCS motivational design model to middle school students’ motive for learning at computer classes in lab’

Excellence Award in conference,
The federation of Korean Information Industries (2016)

      • Assisted a research on ‘Implementation of messy network which is capable of real-time wireless communication and dynamic network configuration in case of failure’


Fake news detection, AI R&D Challenge in Korea

      • advanced to the finals

Chatty, Android mobile application

      • Facebook API, Google API
      • Image Processing with Glide API
      • TCP socket communication
        • group chat / sending image / push alarm
        • Redis – server chat log / SQLite – client chat log
      • Face detection with OpenCV
      • FFMPEG NDK-build
      • Timeline

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Sungkyunkwan university, Winter & Spring 2016

      • GEDT014-12 : Computational Thinking and Software Coding
      • Instructor : Oakyoung Han, Ph.D, Jungin Kown, Ph.D
      • Instructors conducted a lecture for theory of computational thinking and software coding and I conducted a lecture for python practice.

Teaching Internship, Sunrin Internet high school, May 2017

      • Java programming
      • Instructor : Eun-ji Kim, Teacher in high school
      • Taught ‘Java Programming’ to second grade students in high school


After school teacher, Sangmoon high school, June 2017 to Nov 2017

      • Computer science
      • Planned After School program for computer science and taught ‘Java, Android, PHP’ to students.

Guidance Teacher for Korea Olympiad in Informatics,
Institute for Information & communications Technology Promotion

      • advice for designing and developing to participants at Korea Olympiad in Informatics

Voluntary service in education, Sangmoon high school, Sep 2015 to Jan 2016

      • Mathematics
      • Regularly served voluntary service at high school

Work Experience

Sergeant, Republic of Korea Air Force, Aug 2013 to Aug 2015

      • 1st MCRC, OSAN Air Base
      •  Console and server maintenance


English teacher, Korea university English camp,
Jan 2013 to Feb 2013, July 2013 to Aug 2013

      • English teacher for middle school students at English camp

Study Mentor, Korea Student Aid Foundation, Feb 2013 to Feb 2013

      • study mentor for high school students at Namwon high school


In-class Projects

Flying robot in a room, Nov 2016

This model is built from simpler geometric objects combined using transformations and then controlled to produce animation. I constructed and controlled a scene graph and implemented this using OpenGL commands.

3D Computer Graphics, The University of Sheffield

Solving the word search puzzle with machine learning, Dec 2016

The aim of this project is to classify a character from image and search the word puzzles. Moreover, I applied PCA for dimensionality reduction to search words on low-resolution image.

Data Driven Computing, The University of Sheffield

Software Skills

C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, Android(NDK)
Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet
Scrapy, Heritrix, Nutch
MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached
web server configuration(Apache, Nginx, Openlitespeed)